Watermark documents in MS word 2013

Microsoft has launched new version of office, MS office 2013. The look is more metro style and simple. Also some of the menu and features have been improved with the new version. Playing with MS Word 2013 gave really good experience. Also typing was very smooth and liked the zoom effect!

While playing with it, watermarking the document has been placed under design menu. So if you want to watermark your document with some text or picture, follow the steps listed here in following screens.

Click on the design menu and select the watermark tab from various other options for design.

When you click on watermark tab, you will see various predefined options for the watermark. You can select from the listed options and apply the watermark to current document.

There are various sample available to choose from. You can also download more samples from office.com as per your need. To change the text and color of currently selected watermark template, click on Custom Watermark option.

Here you can change currently selected watermark’s text as well as other properties like Language, Font, Size, Color and Layout. Instead of text you may want to put a logo as a watermark of the document. Just select picture watermark option and select picture as per your need. MS Word 2013 gives various options to choose picture watermark. You can choose it from your local hard drive or directly do a Bing image search for a picture other than your logo. Also you can go and find appropriate clip art as per your need. Watch following video to get complete idea about various options for the watermark in MS word 2013.