How to enable sing in using PIN in Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 has a new and attractive metro style UI. The more you play with it, you will see more and more new features. It also includes some really cool user log on features like picture password and a PIN sign in apart from sign in using regular password. Let us see step by step how we can enable sign in using PIN.

From the start screen open the right side pane and click on Change PC Settings. If you are first time user, you can open the side pane by just moving your pointer to the right end area of the screen.

Change PC Settings Windows 8

Now when the PC settings screen is open, select the User tab from left menu. Once selected, all current user details as well as available related settings will be shown in the right pane of the screen. Click on the Create a PIN button to create sign in PIN for the currently logged on user.

Users Create a PIN windows 8

When you will click on the button, for better security, it will ask you to verify your identity by entering your current password.

Password confirmation before PIN creation

Once you enter your valid password, you will be taken to the next screen where you will need to chose a 4 digit PIN and confirm it in the next box. Click OK to finally enable the PIN sign in for the account.

Create a 4 digit PIN windows 8

All set! In future, you may want to change the PIN or completely remove/disable it. You can follow similar steps and on users page you will see options for the same.

Remove PIN Sign In on Windows 8

When you have PIN sign in enabled, you will see options of using PIN or password at the time of sing in. When you select PIN sing in, if the PIN is correct, it will automatically log you in without clicking the sign in button.