How to create Picture Password in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a lot more features compared to its previous versions. Also there are added security options like Sign In using PIN and Sign In using Picture Password apart from sign in using your regular password. Lets check how we can create a picture password to log on to windows 8.

Open the change PC settings. Follow first two steps of Sign In using PIN in Windows 8. Select Users tab on menu and click on Create a picture password button. You will need to verify your logged in use once by entering your current password.

After verification, you will need to choose an image using which you want to create a picture password. Once you select the image, you will be able to position that image. Once position click on Use this picture button. In case you want to select another image click on Choose new picture button and select another image.

Now when picture is selected, we are all set to create various gestures like lines, circles as well as taps on the image to create password pattern. You will need to create 3 gestures. Once done you will need to verify the pattern by repeating all 3 gestures. This is same as verifying password.

Once verified, password is created and you will be able to sing in using picture password in windows 8. If any time you wish to disable this feature, just go to Change PC settings -> Users and click on remove button.

Following is the quick video which will help you understand this process quickly.